How to Get Back Deleted Data From Desktop and Laptop?

Desktops and laptops being a device, may lead to data loss situations. It cannot be considered as unexpected scenario as its frequent usage by users along with other common reasons such as accidental deletion, improper shutdown, application malfunctioning and related ones leads to file system corruption which further results in severe data loss cases. Here you can find out some of the common scenarios when data gets lost on mac system: then, the question arises -

How data loss occurs on Desktop or Laptop PC ?

Now a days most of the common issues of data loss situation are virus attacks on the computer so, if you have not protected your PC against viruses then, you may face the risk of data loss situation and the next is accidental deletion as well as sudden turn of the PC and if your computer operating system is corrupted then, also you may lost your important data but apart from this, sometimes it happens with many people that they been in the position where they working on the PC in a word documents and suddenly the computer system shuts down and they have lost all data which they have done in word documents. So, these are reasons through which one can lost or deleted their data from laptop and desktop.

Now the question arises how to retrieve lost data from the both devices??? So, if you lost or deleted data from laptop and desktop PC then, it is good to create updated backup because with the help of updated backup you can easily restore your deleted data in secure place. But suppose if updated backup is not available then, you need to choose efficient software for recovery or lost or deleted data.

How can you recover deleted or lost data from Laptop or Desktop ?

In this is better to go for third party Mac Data Recovery which is one of the best recovery tool that allows to recover lost or deleted files or folders from laptop and desktop PC. This software will help to restore your deleted data on Mac in the cases of unbootable PC, formatted partitions, partitions deletion or lost, hard drive failure or hard drive crashes etc. apart from this which you have deleted from Recycle Bin that also can be recovered files back with Mac Data Recovery Software.

Prevention Tips to Avoid Data Loss :

As you know that prevention is better than cure so, in order to avoid data loss situation on desktop and laptop PC therefore, you need to follow this prevention tips :

  • Safeguard your PC – Avoid downloading unreliable programs.
  • Keep updated backup – Always keep updated backup so, that you can easily restore your deleted data.
  • Use power surge protector
  • Use anti-virus software as well as keep it updated – It is highly important to keep updated anti-virus so, that you can avoid any kind of virus attacks on Mac PC.


      User Guide : How to Retrieves Lost Files on Apple Mac?

        • Step 1

          In first step launch the Mac Data Recovery Software on Mac. On desktop it can easily done by clicking on its icon.

          • Step 2

            Select or navigate to the volume or partition which you are intended to under go recovery or where you have saved you deleted data recently.

            • Step 3

              Then, in next step select the types of the files which you want to be retrieved from the selected drive. According to your requirements you can select any kinds of files.

              • Step 4

                Now click on Scan button to start scanning the selected partition to look into its unknown locations. After this process completes successfully, a list of recently deleted files will be shown to you where you have to select the files which you want to recover.

                • Step 5

                  Finally when the selection process of files complete then, click on the Restore Now button.